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10 Myths and 10 Truths About Atheism

Posted by Ann on July 17, 2008

Do we need absolute truth to have meaning? Do we need to have an identity that will continue forever? Do we fear no one will accept or understand us if we don’t share their beliefs, their opinions? Isn’t it possible to have a sweet life without certainty?

What if our self image wasn’t affected so strongly by sin ideation as children—the idea that only through guilt do we become moral beings—would things be different now?

Here’s to living life courageously, respecting others, and appreciating the time I have with the people I love–especially since all I have is this one lifetime. I don’t believe in life after death, but I do think “life is precious.” I personally don’t need to live forever.

Below is an article published in the Los Angeles Times that I think does a good job of adressing the myths about atheism. I particularly like how it touches on the idea that atheists think life is meaningless and have no morals. So atheists tend to think we create our own meaning and morality. Does that mean my lack of belief in a deity makes me a nihilist and immoral?

10 Myths and 10 Truths about Atheism


One Response to “10 Myths and 10 Truths About Atheism”

  1. vjack said

    This is my first visit, and I have to say that I think this is a great idea for an atheist blog. There are sure to be many fundies on the fence, thinking about accepting reality but not quite sure how to go about it. This looks like it will be a good resource.

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