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The Morning After Bill Maher’s Religulous

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on October 26, 2008

First of all, my apologies go to my fellow-contributor Paulo, whose posts to this blog never stay up at the top of the page longer than a day before a new post goes up. I swear it’s not intentional, my friend (not on a conscious level, at least).

I finally went to see Bill Maher’s new film Religulous last night. I was expecting to have difficulty finding the film in this part of the country, since films that contain any questions about the assumption that Jesus is a supernatural deity usually face strong discrimination from theater owners. To my surprise, it was playing on two screens in the area. One of the theaters plays independent films, so there was no surprise there. However, the other theater is in the Concord Mills Mall, right by the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

I don’t want to provide an in-depth review of the film, since several of those can be found online. Rather, I simply want to endorse it. It is a very well-done film, and, most importantly (to me), it was funny. In the film, Bill travels around the country and the world, meeting with believers and religious leaders of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism). Bill’s mother is Jewish and his father was Catholic, so he starts the film from his own family history with religion before going on his interview trek across the globe. A few of the best moments in the film are when he meets people who buck the trend in their faiths, such as when he meets a Catholic priest who takes evolution for granted. Another section of great scenes takes place in an Evangelical Christian amusement park called The Holy Land Experience.

Anyway, to recap: go support the film. It is alternately funny, serious, and, at the very least, it should generate some great discussions.


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