Fugitives from Fundamentalism

The Musings of Adult Missionary Kids (MKs) & Former Born-Again Believers

Out Cast

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on March 12, 2009

SchizophreniaOut Cast

They found you gnawing
on the wooden bed, shredding
the mattress, clumps of gray
fuzz flying round your back,
stricken by evil metal
music in your ears and soul.

“When I reached out to touch
his shoulder it was hard as nails,”
disbelieving Uncle Pete, shaking
his head, repeated this like a mantra
during devotions, while the others
sat around him wide-eyed disciples.

newlogoCMAStrapped to a wooden chair surrounded
by charismatics with shaky authority
in their voices crying “Leave this boy!
Into the desert in the name of Jesus!”
Over and over for the magic to work.
And they left.

In class the next day through glass
louvers a darkness descended
so thick no fans could cut it.
The others saw it too.
You on the floor screaming
twitching taut.

Then back to the chair
and the feverish light in the eyes
of the men who forgot
we live in the desert.


One Response to “Out Cast”

  1. Paulo said

    Great poem.

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