Fugitives from Fundamentalism

The Musings of Adult Missionary Kids (MKs) & Former Born-Again Believers

What Could Jesus Have Done?

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on April 21, 2009

New video created by a blogger named NonStampCollector. It asks an important question: if a supernatural deity really did take up residency on the earth, why didn’t he do some obvious things to reduce human suffering and improve life? Avoid the impulse to jump into the confused and tangled web of Christian dogma you were forced to memorize as a child. Do not leap to construct convoluted answers; the answer is as clear as the nose on your face and is quite simple: the supernatural does not exist. Value your life; stop going to church; work hard to accomplish something worthwhile with your life; above all, stop judging others and yourselves through the framework of ancient religious mythology. Live!


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