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“Argument from Banana” Guy Shows Ignorance of Evolution

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on May 6, 2009

There is a new post on the ScienceBlogs website titled, “Dumbass Quote of the Day.” The post features some recent comments by the evangelist Ray Comfort. He is best known to most people as Kirk Cameron’s co-host on the television show “The Way of the Master.” He is best known to me for his anti-logic “argument from design” video in which he slowly peels a banana. During the process, which has strong, unintentional suggestions of homoeroticism, Kirk Cameron gazes enraptured, while Comfort describes how God designed the banana with a “non-slip” surface to allow humans to grip it. As the ScienceBlogs article above reveals, Comfort’s ignorance about natural selection does not end with the banana; it extends to the swine flu virus as well! Nothing is funnier than arrogant ignorance. (Unless it fills people with hate and causes them to get out their pitchforks.)


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