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Christian Culture

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on June 26, 2009

canoeKudos to the person who sent me the link to this blog: Stuff Christian Culture Likes. I especially like #86, because it is absolutely the truth that the Sunday church crowd at restaurants are some of the worse tippers. My wife, who was a waitress for years and years, used to complain about this, and I have heard my server-staff students complain about Sunday tippers as well. In fact, one of my wife’s waitressing stories is about some Christian ladies who left her a tract instead of a tip. At the time she was a Christian, so they were making the false assumption that she needed the “tip” of Jesus. Or, maybe they weren’t thinking too much about it and were just cheap as hell–having just come from church didn’t do much to make them considerate humans–go figure.


2 Responses to “Christian Culture”

  1. Charity said

    Yes, the Sunday lunch crowd seemed to be the worst, in my memory. I was a pseudo-Christian at the time (mostly fooling myself). An agnostic masquerading as a Christian. It happened more than once that people left tracts for my tip. Christian tracts were also left in restrooms at all the restaurants I worked at, and sometimes copies of the Watchtower.
    Waitressing is a hard job. It’s hard to believe I did it for so long.

  2. stephanie said

    Thanks for the props! I just joined your group on facebook, this type of thing is healing for me, so thanks.

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