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Ali G: Science

Posted by Paulo on August 16, 2009

The Creationist gets stumped by the banana evidence…

3 Responses to “Ali G: Science”

  1. Brandt said

    My God, I hadn’t seen this one before. Hilarious!

    Good ol’ Kent Hovind, always so consistently churning out craziness for humorists and satirists to devour! I watched a lot of his tapes back in high school, and even saw him do his thing at a church in Wisconsin once.

    And what’s up with that guy on the right? “Homo sapiens” = Greek??

  2. Jerry said

    That was so funny. He makes me cringe just watching the awkward tension in the group.

  3. Paulo said

    0:42- “The house itself, the house itself!…”


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