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Ali G: Religion

Posted by Paulo on August 17, 2009

Ali explores the depths of religion…

4 Responses to “Ali G: Religion”

  1. The Chaplain said

    I feel bad for the timid atheist who let Ali G make fun of her weight. Half the guests always look like they are having trouble recovering from the shock of what comes out of Ali G’s mouth.

    I think the priest appealed to the “offense” argument several times (i.e. I take offense at what you said about my deity). Then again, what else can you do when someone claims nuns are strippers! Hilarious stuff.

  2. Jerry said

    The priest’s typical reaction of being offended to a joke about his deity tells a lot about his deity. If God is so loving, why wouldn’t he enjoy a good laugh, and why wouldn’t he laugh at himself? It seems that for the priest, anthropomorphisms of God only go so far. Fortunately, the Catholic church can’t burn heretics at the stake any more, so the “offense” argument is about all it’s got left in its arsenal.

  3. JN said

    What’s Dick Cheney doing in that video?

  4. Paulo said

    The Asian woman laughs when he says “me Julie once asked me to shave me goolies…”

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