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Save Up: Dawkins Has a New Book

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on August 31, 2009

Richard Dawkins, the scientist Christians love to hate, has a new book, The Greatest Show on Earth, coming out September 10th. Here is a recent interview with him in which he discusses it: Richard Dawkins interview:
If the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope have no problem with evolution, why are our children being brainwashed and our science teachers under attack? In an exclusive interview, Richard Dawkins explains why his new book is here to prove once and for all that humans did not walk with dinosaurs
The interviewee is a bit annoying, since she seems very predisposed to take Dawkins’ critics at their word, but it is still worth reading.


7 Responses to “Save Up: Dawkins Has a New Book”

  1. Jerry said

    His work sounds really fascinating. I’m getting my order in.

  2. JN said

    I think less people would hate Dawkins if he wasn’t so British. Brush your teeth already, Richard. Your stale coffin breath is killing me.

    (What is Brian Eno doing with Dawkins?)

    • The Chaplain said

      Short of a public conversion, NOTHING will make Christians like Dawkins–even clean teeth. Being called arrogant just goes with the territory when you address the “God hypothesis.” Anyone who doesn’t come to the same conclusion as a Christian and says so is automatically labeled that way. I’m getting used to it. The fact that believers have faith in the existence of what is the equivalent of fairies and leprechauns removes the sting of the nomenclature. 🙂

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