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They Might Be Giants – “Science Is Real”

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on September 13, 2009

They Might Be Giants like stories, but when they’re seeking knowledge…


3 Responses to “They Might Be Giants – “Science Is Real””

  1. JN said

    This is a bit off topic, but do any of you think electric shock is effective against snake bites? I know in Africa it was a common practice to use cattle prods or other devices to shock people bitten by snakes or stung by scorpions. I’ve been reading some articles on the topic and most of them conclude that it’s not. They say there is no scientific evidence supporting the practice, but it also appears that the topic hasn’t been adequately addressed. It’s kind of inconsequential to most of us now, being removed from a continent ridden with venomous snakes, but do any of you have experience indicating it might be effective?

    Obviously, due to the inherent are risks involved with electrical shock, it shouldn’t be performed when other alternatives exist. Sorry for the randomness…

    • The Chaplain said

      You know what? That is a great question. The mission’s (Radio ELWA) car had a “snake wire” that you could hook up to the battery in case you encountered a venomous snake. I just always assumed that shocks worked on snake venom, because I was told as a child that it was true (hmm, I’m starting to see a parallel to religion here). I never bothered to examine my snake-venom-cure beliefs. I’m interested to hear what you found out in the articles you looked at.

      • JN said

        I always assumed it worked too. I’ve heard it works, and I know people who have used the method and swear by it. Most sites just say not to use it since it’s not proven or that there is no scientific data showing it works. This is the best info I’ve come up with, and it’s fairly inconclusive. The lab experiments have all been conducted on rodents and there was little difference between groups that received the treatment and those that didn’t. It’s possible that humans could be different, but there doesn’t seem to be a rush to find out either way.

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