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Gorilla God Sightings

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on December 16, 2009

Facebook’s advertising robot seems to think I am a Christian, probably because almost all of my friends are, so today I saw an advertisement on the right hand margin for the following website: God Sightings. The ad invited me to:

Share your God Sightings with others around the world as you read The One Year Bible online for FREE!

The title of the book and site is obviously an allusion to alien sightings, but I’m not going to assume they are aware of what they are alluding to. I never take that for granted anymore with people who aren’t very well read. Anyway, the site was worth a visit if only for the following promotional quote on the front page:

It’s funny how easy it is to miss God’s sacred entrances in our everyday lives. God Sightings opens our eyes to how he is working right here—right now—and always has been.
—Elisa Morgan, Publisher, FullFill

Ah, dear Elisa… It’s “funny” how easy it is to miss God’s “sacred entrances” simply because God does not exist and you have to consciously fabricate the “sightings”! “Funny” how that works.

Having browsed the site some more, I had to change the title of this post from “Alien God Sightings” to “Gorilla God Sightings.” Watch this promotional video from the site to see why:


2 Responses to “Gorilla God Sightings”

  1. Paulo said

    Oh my god! God is so mysterious that you can’t even find Him in churches!

  2. My favorite God sighting is from the guy who started to tell the story about his son’s 8th-grade graduation. I kept waiting for him to get to the God sighting part, the part that resembled “evidence,” but it never arrived. He just ended with [I’m paraphrasing], “So my son made us a great card thanking us for everything and for always being there for him.” What?! That’s your God sighting? I felt let down. In related news, I had to take a toilet break after eating Tex-Mex food yesterday…I’m so glad I stopped to notice God in my everyday life!

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