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Billboard Offends Christians in New Zealand

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on December 17, 2009

Apparently, some Christians don’t like to think about Joseph putting his penis in Mary–and they ESPECIALLY don’t like to think about her not enjoying it. Strangely enough, this billboard was paid for by a church. Here is the story on Yahoo!: “Joseph, Mary in bed billboard defaced”.

There's nothing wrong with you, Joe. It's just that God...well, God knew exactly what I wanted. He is omniscient, you know.


6 Responses to “Billboard Offends Christians in New Zealand”

  1. Sarge said

    I am a musician, and there has been a “secular” thought about just how ‘Joseph’ might have taken to his task that comes from ‘way off.

    An indication is the group of carols centered around “The Cherry Tree Carol”. Joseph really doesn’t seem best pleased with his lot in life and is not hesitant in making his feelings known.

  2. Paulo said

    Well, from what I know… God did not put his dick in Mary. It’s more like some artificial insemination shit. He only made her “conceive” with holy sperm. Joseph was about the only dick Mary got. And at that, the “holy sperm” could have still been just some pre-marital boom-boom.

  3. Sarge said

    There is a tradition that Mary was impregnated through the ear. This actually illustrated In Germany on one of the doors of the Wurtzburg cathedral.

    I believe it has something to do with “The Word Made Flesh” and the need for naughty bits to be undisturbed so that prophecies may be correctly fulfilled.

  4. Jerry said

    It’s amazing what people will believe, but it’s probably not easy to promote a savior who was actually born out of wedlock.

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