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Reality Test 8–How has my thinking gone wrong?

Posted by Ann on August 18, 2010

8 ) Failures bring us closer to the truth, thus, failures are good (aka learning from your mistakes)

Try this short and sweet reality test. Do you welcome failure? The real scientist welcomes failures since these failures bring our knowledge of the natural world closer to truth. In the scientific community, scientists who are conducting honest research welcome failures since these failures are indicators pointing them in a better direction. Plus, any attempt to fudge, and the rest of the scientific community will give them a pounding. Not so the pseudo-scientists. The pseudo-scientists will not face failures, or will rationalize their failures–especially when they are confronted with the evidence of their failures. Some reasons they might give for the failure of the supernatural include: the special powers work most of the time, but not always (often leading to cheating if videotaped or in a lab); the special powers don’t work when skeptics are around; the special powers don’t work around electrical stuff; the special powers come and go and today they went; and the when all else fails rationalization–God doesn’t do experiments.

Next time a prayer study is conducted, watch all the crafty ways religious researchers attempt to explain why their prayers didn’t work when studied objectively.

Ummm, not for me

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