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Atheist Comedy

Posted by prb3 on November 11, 2010

Having trouble with this link, hope it works now. Anyway, I’m sure you’re all familiar with these comics but I simply couldn’t resist posting this as Bill Hicks and David Cross are two of my favorite stand-up comics. After this post, I promise to start contributing more serious material.

11 Responses to “Atheist Comedy”

  1. Bob said

    I fixed your link. You just need to use the handy insert video button at the top of your comment box. Hilarious clip! I didn’t realize David Cross did such good stuff on religion. Oh, and don’t feel like you have to be serious on this site. I do enough serious for everyone. Or is that rage? Whatever.

    • prb3 said

      Oh yeah, David Cross has some of the best material on Religion, I’ll send you some of his audio stand-up material via dropbox…he’s also 100% down my alley as far as his politics are concerned. I LOVE him. Can’t speak highly enough of him!

  2. Noraa said

    interesting that a all of the people recently discussed are all tied together in “real life”. clips of bill hicks’ stand-up are on the last track of tool’s aenema album, and they were always fans of eachother. tool is also good friends with david cross, and maynard and adam jones (tool guitarist) appear as “puscifer” in a mr. show episode (which was created by david cross and bob edenkirk) before puscifer ever existed to the public. speaking of which, anyone that hasn’t checked out mr. show should.

    here’s a funny skit from mr. show (the white wigged actor also does spongebob squarpant’s voice, i believe) hail satan!!! haha

    • Bob said

      I remember you or someone else posting this on the ICA Survivors forum. It’s still funny! By the way, the fact that all these people we are talking about are “tied together” has a name: miracle! Connections we notice are miracles. Didn’t you listen during dorm devotions?

  3. Ann said

    Please prb3, this is a very serious topic, fundamentalism. It’s nothing to laugh at! I expect more serious posts from you in the future. Right now it seems like we have a bunch of hooligans posting here. And your anger is uncalled for. Enough already! Jeez…

  4. prb3 said

    My anger? I’ll have you know that I was commenting on Bob’s rage. He should really see someone about it. Preferably someone of the Christian persuasion as they are best equipped to deal with it. They’ll teach him about such novel concepts as forgiveness and reconciliation…in fact, if I’m not mistaken, I think they invented it.

    • Bob said

      The Holy Spirit has worked through your words and pierced through the hard armor of hate to convict my very soul. Bless you, Prb3, with your robot name but heart after our own Lord’s. I understand now why a Christian therapist would work best for me. Only he would be able to bring the presence of this same Spirit I feel in every tingly nether region of my body to continuously convict me, over and over again, until I learn to be broken down like a wild mustang on the plains of Montana. May Christ grab hold of that wild mane of mine in that therapy office, and may He ride my wild nature into submission!

      • prb3 said

        Hallelujah! Let the holy spirit ride you through and through!

      • Noraa said

        for some reason this reminded me of a certain ex-ica’er on facebook that frequently posts status updates about having the holy spirit on her face when she wakes up in the morning. last time i left my holy spirit on someone’s face while they were sleeping they weren’t too happy about it when they woke up. ha……i kid i kid…….

        • Bob said

          Nice! You know, if God had pulled the Holy Spirit out of Mary and left His glory all over her face instead, Jesus never would have been born. I hear that’s the real reason why the Pope hates condoms.

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