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Irreligious Song #10: Ministry, “Stigmata”

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on November 16, 2010

At the risk of turning this site into a music blog, here is our next example of musical apostasy. Really though, the lyrics make clear that the love is being spread all around. Ministry have several songs that reveal their critical view of Christianity, although I happen to think their main focus is on American greed and hypocrisy; religion just happens to get caught up in the net of corruption they see in American culture.

“Stigmata” lyrics

You ran out of lies!
You ran out of lies! Lies!
Stronger than reason, stronger than life
The only truth I know is the look in your eyes
The look in your eyes!
Just like a car crash, just like a knife
My favorite weapon is the look in your eyes
You ran out of lies!

You ran out of life!
You ran out of lies!
Get out of my life!

And I’m chewing on glass and tasting my fingers
I’m not the one who’s run out of lies, lies!
You ran out of life!
You ran out of time!

Judging my faith and walking on splinters
I lost my soul to the look in your eyes
Your eyes! You ran out of lies!
Ran out of time…
Stigmata! You ran out of lies!

Oh, you have empty eyes! (yes)
Oh, you have empty lies! (yes)
They told me nothing
Nothing but lies!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck me! Fuck me!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck everyone! Fuck the church!
Fuck Jesus! Fuck Mary!
Fuck the Jews! Fuck the Bhuddists!
Fuck the Hindus! Fuck George Bush!
Fuck his ugly wife! Fuck Tipper Gore!
Fuck everyone! Fuck Gorbachev!
Fuck Noriega! Fuck all these assholes!
Fuck you! Fuck me! Fuck all of you!
Stigmata! Stigmata! Stigmata! Stigmata!
They told me nothing but lies!
Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!


9 Responses to “Irreligious Song #10: Ministry, “Stigmata””

  1. dsc01 said

    Man! Jourgensen doesn’t like anyone!

    • Ann said

      Haha! Stigmata is one of my favorites by Ministry. Bought the album with money I made from working as a ticket seller at a movie theater. I think Bob is reproducing my catalog of music circa 1993-4.

  2. JN said

    Irreligious Song #666

  3. Noraa said

    ha. petra……and that stupid drummer’s obsession with pink and mickey mouse. i suspect he’s living with his boyfriend in rio now, loaded from the cash they had to have made off all those poor people desperate for christian bands “who sound like (insert bad secular 80’s band name here)”

  4. dsc01 said

    I’m assuming that this in memory of ol’ Aunt Roslys?

    • JN said

      Yes. Tonight I will wear my socks to bed and leave my hangers (or are they curtains?) on the floor. How old was she, anyway? She seemed super old back then.

      • dsc01 said

        I’m guessing REALLY old (though, 20 years ago, I doubt that we were very qualified to judge her age).

        I pretty much always wear socks to bed. I forgot all about that. It turns out that I’ve been unwittingly defying Aunt Roslys for years!

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