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Evolutionary Metaphysics

Posted by Noraa on November 17, 2010

So I haven’t yet read this and have committed myself to study today, but I may get around to a chapter or two at some point. I figured I would go ahead and post it since I’m sure it will be of interest to this group. Matt Kronbach posted the link on facebook stating it was, “the best and most comprehensive summary I’ve found to date of what I believe about pretty much everything.” I’ve always respected Matt’s intelligence and points of view so I have no doubt it’s worth a read, if for nothing more than the conversation it will no doubt stir up.

Evolutionary Metaphysics

9 Responses to “Evolutionary Metaphysics”

  1. Noraa said

    chapter 1 down…..it’s got my attention……..

  2. prb3 said

    I hung out with Matt tonight (at Josh Hansen’s dirty 30 b-day party!) and we talked briefly about evolutionary metaphysics, sounds like a great read. Like Aaron, I respect Matt’s views and will defiantly take the time to read it. Speaking of Matt, he would very much like to join FFF and contribute to this site. I’ll get him in contact with Paulo so he can get set up.

  3. Paulo said

    One thing that I want to know right away is: Whose website is this? Who wrote the book? (Shattering the Sacred Myths – The Metaphysics of Evolution) I am wary and suspicious of books or websites that don’t provide me much information about the author, much less a name.

    A quick Google search led me to believe that this is the guy: Charles Stewart Roberts. I could be wrong, but he seems to be a cardiologist in Virginia.

    Couldn’t find much else about his background on Google. Anybody else know more about the author?

  4. JN said

    Some of you might have already read this:

    There are quite a few things wrong with the post. Of course, the author is going to get mostly positive feedback. He’ll feel great that he’s “man enough” to come out and say his thing. Personally, I’d rather be a coward than boldly chasing windmills.

  5. Noraa said

    paulo, i had never noticed how vague that site was about the author……but i’m pretty sure this is the guy: http://www.robertstewartcoaching.com/

    • Paulo said

      Noraa, I also came across that site in my search, but I don’t think that’s the guy. From his website, this guy seems to be some sort of new-agey life coach (just read all that “spiritual” babble on his webpage–hardly indicative of a scientifically based mind) Here is his “About” page: http://www.robertstewartcoaching.com/?author=1

      The other guy I mentioned (Charles Stewart Roberts) seems to be a more likely candidate. Not only is he a (real) doctor, he lists “Evolutionary Biology” as one of his interests on his profile. http://www.ctsnet.org/home/croberts I could see him writing the book.

    • Jesus said

      Paulo, I was bothered by the same lack of identifying information that you were. Usually, that is a bad sign, but I didn’t get a chance to trace who is behind the site. I imagine that some of the folks on the countless atheist blogs online will eventually uncover it, so I’m not worried for now. I only read a bit of the site, and nothing was raising any major red flags. The author made use of some word choice that seemed to indicate he was approaching things from a liberal Christian paradigm, but then the whole concept he was discussing would be summarily debunked as another theoretical dead end. So…for now, I don’t know who is behind it, I don’t have time to find out, and I’ll probably get around to this at Christmas time! 🙂

      In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy the bounty of food, but avoid the Puritanism and that whole killing and stealing of land stuff. I am especially grateful to God and Jesus today, two incredibly successful literary characters, who have captured the imaginations and minds of superstitious and “oh the world is so scary and meaningless–whoa is me!” people who have unwittingly allowed their stupidity to entertain and exasperate me for decades now. Cheers!

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