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Crazy zealot

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on November 19, 2010

This ranting guy is standing in the middle of my campus. There are a bunch of preachers like this, who come to the center of the original campus beneath the Belk Tower where there is a plaque that reads:

The debates the preachers have with students are all over Youtube. Check out a few of the others too. Sometimes a really good student shows up. The philosophy and religion departments are two of the buildings that face the square. Bad location for a fundamentalist preacher!

And this one has the philosophizing:


8 Responses to “Crazy zealot”

  1. Jesus said

    Please don’t type out any of the preachers’ names. I would prefer they not show their faces on this site! You know what they say, summon the Devil and the Devil arrives…

  2. dsc01 said

    I SO need to come visit you guys, just so I can try to get into it with this ass-clown! I would have derailed him pretty fast when I answered, “No,” to, “Do you believe that you have free will?”

    • Jesus said

      Yeah, he’s something else, isn’t he? One of my favorite exchanges between him and a student is in the first video (around 1:53 in) when the young Catholic woman says to him, “I’ll pray for you.” He replies, “Pray for me, ma’am! Not that your prayers do us any good! Coz you’re a Catholic!”

  3. JN said

    The best way to deal with these people is just to ignore them. I guess there’s no fun in that though. Probably the best bet is to aim for the junk. Start drilling him about his internet use, and he might shut up. Then again, he might just rattle off some more verses before beelining it to the men’s room to rub out a quick one.

  4. Paulo said

    Only in America.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    • Ann said

      True!! I happen to be proud to be an American (also Panamanian by heart as well). Technically our military is defending our right to freedom of speech. But realistically, if you speak to soldiers on an individual level, I think you’d find they are defending their personal right to free speech, along with the rights of their family and friends and countrymen (countrypeople) who agree with their views. A 2008 First Amendment Center poll found that 1 in 3 Americans believe freedom of religion as a right does not apply to groups most people think are fringe–like atheists. Here’s a good Newsweek slide show to illustrate the knowledge of the average American: Dumb Things Americans Believe

  5. Noraa said

    i just don’t get these kind of people. narcissistic arrogance at it’s best. some of you know i go to bonnaroo regularly(a huge music festival here in tennessee), and every year there’s a bunch of ignorant morons like this guy carrying crosses and signs about dead musicians burning hell, yelling at all the music fans about their lifestyles and how they’re going to to burn as well. it accomplishes absolutely nothing but to make a mockery of the whole religion, as if they needed any more of that…….

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