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Fireside Hate

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on November 20, 2010

I saw this while browsing the onegoodmove website this morning. I’m jealous I don’t get hate mail like this! In fact, I don’t remember ever getting any hate mail; I must be doing something wrong.
“Hate E-mails with Richard Dawkins”


7 Responses to “Fireside Hate”

  1. Noraa said

    ha. nice. funny hearing him swear like that, funnier that it’s from “christian” haters.

  2. Noraa said

    oh, and i’ll send you some hate mail if it makes you feel better bob.

  3. prb3 said

    I LOVED this, please tell me there’s more! If yes, send me the link…I about died of laughter.

    • Jesus said

      This is the only other one around, and it only contains a few ones that aren’t in the video in the post. He needs to turn in this into a regular feature. I’m sure he has plenty of hate mail to keep it going!

  4. Paulo said


  5. Ann said

    What’s wrong with you fools? God loves you and wants you to die and go to be with Him in heaven. Don’t you know that when you fuckers die you’ll wake up in hell? Burning for all of eternity! Then we’ll see who’s laughing!!!! Me, looking down from heaven at you atheists burning in hell while I play my harp and sing praises to the Lord Most High.

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