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Irreligious Song #12: Tenacious D, “Kickapoo”

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on November 27, 2010

Evangelical Christianity is most harmful and damaging to children, since it tells them they are corrupt and horrible people. Sin ideation creates guilt in kids and an Us vs. Them mentality, preventing a close bond of trust and encouragement between kids and their parents. Jack Black does a great job of revealing this is humorous form:


3 Responses to “Irreligious Song #12: Tenacious D, “Kickapoo””

  1. dsc01 said

    “Fuck-a-lie, Sing fuck-a-loo!”

    Classic line, right there.

  2. Ann said

    Reminds me of my year-long hair band phase in high school. Def Leppard and Slaughter–I loved them. So did my parents (not). Actually taught myself a little guitar around that time (no kidding) until my parents gave in and paid for a few lessons (I think they gave up on me and my devil music–my senior year they finally stopped throwing my music out, confiscating tapes, taking my stereos away–including my car stereo). Never did get Jack Black good tho.

    • Ann said

      Slaughter’s song “Up all Night (Sleep all Day)” at least. On my jogging soundtrack I listened to every morning before school as I made my round around my Florida neighborhood. My parents had no idea what was on my jogging mix–stuff like Dokken, Poison, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Winger, White Lion, and Warrant (Cherry Pie & I Saw Red–the later not the best jogging song, but a good cheesy rock ballad haha!). Hard to believe I used to listen to most of it.

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