Fugitives from Fundamentalism

The Musings of Adult Missionary Kids (MKs) & Former Born-Again Believers

Reality Test 16–How has my thinking gone wrong?

Posted by Ann on December 4, 2010

16) Restating your premise as proof of a belief, or using circular reasoning, is an exercise in nonsense (AKA: fallacy of redundancy, begging the question, tautology, or BS)

Question: How do you know God exists?

Answer: Because the Bible tells me God exists.

Question: How do you know the Bible is factual?

Answer: Because the Bible was written by God (or God inspired). 

So you are telling me God is because God is? That makes no sense whatsoever…or is it just me?

Maybe when a person reaches the God void through prayer, yoga, Buddhist meditation and or chanting, singing praise music in church, is intoxicated by a hallucinogen, or participates in a Native American sweat lodge ceremony this makes sense? Am I inferior to the believer because when I reach the God void all I hear is my own breathing?

My challenge to the believer: Talk straight.

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