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Come on theists. Admit it. You are gay for us!

Posted by Ann on December 10, 2010

If you are a theist visiting the FFF blog on a regular basis, you are only a step away from becoming one of us. Yes, we have an agenda. You know you want a taste of our “lifestyle”…

For real though. If you are following our blog, and you are a theist, you may want to consider what interests you so much here. I don’t troll Christian sites. Neither do I troll gay sites. I’m not confused about who I am. If I did visit Christian or gay sites regularly, I would consider my motivations.  I’m not in danger of becoming gay or of becoming Christian.  I can admire the naked female form if presented to me, as I can admire a good Christian, but neither works for the honest me. Never will. I think it’s about coming to know yourself, when you think you already know yourself, then accepting yourself.

So why are you here if you are a theist exactly?

May I add you are always welcome of course. Feel free to browse.

(For more on “atheist curious” theists: http://meaningwithoutgodproject.blogspot.com/2010/12/theists-are-to-atheist-websites-as.html)

2 Responses to “Come on theists. Admit it. You are gay for us!”

  1. Noraa said

    was this inspired by something or someone in particular? or just the likelihood of random christians visiting this site?

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