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Christian Comic Explains Evolution!

Posted by dsc01 on December 19, 2010

I’m sure we’ve all seen some of Jack Chick’s idiotic, dishonest, and bigoted comic book tracts. I stumbled across this one, in which both evolution and Christianity are explained. Despite making every attempt to portray evolutionary principles as being ridiculous (accomplished by lying about every single thing), Christianity still ends up looking pretty stupid, even by contrast to the bullshit story he tells about evolution.

[Click to Enlarge]

11 Responses to “Christian Comic Explains Evolution!”

  1. dsc01 said

    Sorry if anyone can’t see the whole thing. Depending on how I view it, the rightmost third either is or isn’t cut off. I can re-size it to make it fit, but then the text is too small to read. If no one can read it, I’ll try to mess with it. Meanwhile, this is a link to the image itself:

    <a href="http://i.imgur.com/VvgCc.jpg&quot;

    • dsc01 said

      I’m not sure why I put a random “meanwhile” in there. Either I’ve been reading too many comics recently, where the word is a staple, or I meant, “in the mean time.”

    • Jesus said

      I suggest shrinking it (so it looks prettier) and turn the photo into a link to the full image (assuming you know how to do that). Meanwhile…

      • dsc01 said

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I can figure out how to donthat, maybe even from my iPod. Hopefully, ’cause there is no way in hell I’m getting off this couch and walking down the hall to my PC!

        Oddly, I can see the whole image on my iPod, but it’s too small to read and won’t expand for some reason. If I click the link, I can expand it, though. Weird.

      • Paulo said

        I messed around with it a bit. Feel free to make any changes.

    • Jesus said

      Yup, his understanding of evolution is sad. Natural Selection doesn’t equate with the strongest surviving. He’s confusing fittest with strongest. I love that ridiculous leap to eugenics and the Nazis. It’s almost as if he’s purposely trying to misunderstand things. Sadly, it’s just that his religious beliefs have make him knee-jerk ignorant when he encounters anything that slightly smells heretical. When that happens, it’s time to bring out the laundry list of fallacies. Anyone else notice that the Christian arguments against evolution in this tract are the exact same ones used by Angry Calvinist? Give a fundamentalist a Ph.D. and still his arguments don’t grow any more sophisticated. Sad as hell. That’s why my blood boils when Christians get all uppity about their superior and sacred knowledge. “Keep your fucking secret to yourself! Your ideas lack all concern for others you cold-hearted spreader of ignorance and stupidity!” (Said to imaginary sanctimonious Christian.)

  2. Paulo said

    I like all the reasons this silly little cartoon gives for why I should accept Jesus, but the very last one takes the cake:

    • dsc01 said

      It’s nice to see a fundamentalist be so explicit: God plans to torture billions of people who believed in evolution for all of eternity. And that’s just the people who believed in evolution!

      Most Christians conform to the moral zeitgeist enough to understand that torture is deeply unethical. Let’s say you were to present one with a hypothetical situation exactly like the above, except with God as a man, the billions reduced to a more-realistic-but-still-horrific thousands, and “all eternity” changed to a human time scale.

      Almost any Christian would boil over with condemnation, even though their God is supposedly planning to commit the very same crime, just infinitely–literally, infinitely–worse.

      I know that not all Christians believe in that kind of a Hell (or even any Hell at all), but an enormous number do.

      • “Above all else, Love one another”-Fucking Zombie Jesus. Its funny how they seem to always miss the point of their own religious stance. Fear was how my parents got me to “confess my faith” but i was truthfully terrified of the concept of eternity(especially when its eternity of pain and torture).

  3. That’s such a joke. Evolution isn’t a religion. Christians just like to think it is so they can argue it. Science has visceral proof, it doesn’t hinge on faith.

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