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An Excellent Video on Morality (and its Absence in the Bible)

Posted by dsc01 on July 31, 2011

4 Responses to “An Excellent Video on Morality (and its Absence in the Bible)”

  1. dsc01 said

    No one? Come on, guys!

  2. Clamence said

    This is a great video. Honestly, I put off watching it because it’s more than 14 minutes long. 🙂 It was worth it though. The guy who makes these videos (I’ve seen others he’s done, and I think there might even be a few posted to this site awhile back) always does a good job of walking the viewer step-by-step through his logic. Even an Xian whose mind is clouded by the presupposition the video refers to–that God is good and everything He advocates must be good or too mysterious to understand (like the familial cannibalism he mentions!)–should be able to follow along. I say “should,” but I’ve discovered that Xians don’t care about being rigorous in their thinking. They’re intellectually lazy when it comes to examining the Bible in its entirety (and not just the passages they cherry pick to shore up what they already think), and they sweep away the examples of immoral laws and behaviors sanctioned by their god with the casual wave of a hand–that’s the “moral distortion” the narrator in the video refers to.
    My favorite part of this video is when he says (at 11:30), “Much of the Bible’s appeal depends upon its countless moral inconsistencies. These enable almost anyone to find passages that endorse their particular view…Books that endorse all viewpoints ultimately endorse none.” How true.

  3. Paulo said

    For most web surfers, I agree, a 14-minute video is “just too long”. haha! But I did watch it and was able to follow the logic and thought that he had very good points.

    The point that stood out to me can be summarized by the image from the video itself:

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