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Joe Rogan vents on religion…..

Posted by Noraa on August 10, 2011

I haven’t posted on here in forever, but watching this prompted me to……


7 Responses to “Joe Rogan vents on religion…..”

  1. dsc01 said

    I really do like Joe Rogan’s stuff about religion. He’s an “every-man” type, and I think that people who can’t relate to more cerebral critics of religion might find him accessible. I guess my parents’ vocation rubbed off on me a little bit after all; although, I’m sure that they would be more than a little alarmed at my concern for reaching believers and turning them from their godly ways.

    Sure, he swears a lot, which will turn off some people, but many Christians are increasingly okay with “offensive” language. I mean, you hear it all these days; whereas, when I was young I was sheltered enough that I was genuinely shocked and offended by profanity. Of course, people who grew up in the fundamentalist/evangelical tradition have an easy out of thinking about it (at least in this video) by saying, “Oh, but that’s Catholicism that he’s talking about.”

    His views seem closer to yours, Noraa, than mine (obviously, since I’m a pretty hardline atheist and you’re both avowed agnostics), but we’re still on the same page in many areas. Also, his stories about Catholic school really strike a chord. There’s a clear connection, here, to the lengthy thread on “All God’s Children,” over in ICA Survivors II.

    The talk about people seeking to prosecute the pope gets me thinking about a potential concerted effort to deal with those who have seriously harmed others, under the protection of the church. So many stories I hear and experiences from my own life make me want to get behind something like that.

    For example, I can’t get over the story of bona fide sexual abuse from ICA (my mom vaguely remembers it; she was in high school and the victims were in grade school–3rd, I think). The Berea dorm dad had been molesting two girls after lights out. When one girl confessed to her father, they confronted the dorm dad–but with the goal of “restoration,” allowing him to finish out the trimester (albeit with an added female dorm assistant). He went on to leadership in the GMU.

    That’s just outrageous. I really would like to see that kind of protection disappear. I don’t know that I would want to spearhead such a movement, but if it arises, I’m there.

    Anyway, I’m all over the place, here, so I’ll stop now, before I introduce new marginally related topics.

    • Ann said

      Dsc01, I am with you. This is completely outrageous. It makes me furious to think about people protecting adults who have abused little kids. Those adults have super serious issues, and a crazy vision of the world. Who wants them running loose out in the world, like wild animals looking for another victim? It is disgusting and horrible.

      • Ann said

        Of course they are people, not animals, with feelings and need to be treated with compassion too… But as we know from history of working with pedophilia, the likelihood they will repeat their victimization is extremely high. It is very, very serious mental health issue, and one generally not treatable.

  2. Clamence said

    Xian in-group loyalty (that’s what treating your neighbor the way you want to be treated comes into play–kids don’t count, since Xians view them as evil by nature and in need of “correction”) means they are out to protect their own, simply because they profess to believe in the same make believe. At staff/faculty prayer meetings, the other missionaries got to hear the groveling and sincere prayers of the criminal abusers, and maybe that makes their crimes seem honky dory. Who knows? It’s hard to put myself in the shoes of someone who would take the side of the abuser (maybe Noraa can help help us out with that one–oh, snap!)

    • Noraa said

      your propensity for gross misinterpretation of people you don’t agree with doesn’t merit the use of an “oh, snap”. ha. (I kid, I kid)

      • Ann said

        Hahaha! I think he is guilty of some exaggerating. But it is horrible and it is important to take a strong stand against these people who abuse and these people who have their backs. Hey, I have the backs of my friends. And I am not a very critical person (although I can be a critic of people). But when it comes to these Christians who are protecting these fellow Christians who are abusers, they need to realize forgiving something like this does not cure an aggressor of their sick tendencies, especially sans punishment or consequences, and they are very likely to repeat their victimization of children. I am so confused by missionaries who drag their feet about doing something after listening to the stories of the kids who were abused.

        • Ann said

          And on a certain level, i take issue with the idea of “forgiving” a child abuser. For the victims it may be helpful to let go of the bitterness, but I don’t know about the legitimate anger at their treatment. Shouldn’t a person be angry at this level of mistreatment!? And for all the other children who are being mistreated as well, probably some at this very moment somewhere out in the world? It is horribly disturbing.

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