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Permission Slip

Posted by dsc01 on October 17, 2011

One of my favorites:


7 Responses to “Permission Slip”

  1. dsc01 said

    Why can’t I make that link clickable, goddammit?!? I lack teh skillz.

  2. Clamence said

    I nearly wet myself reading that again, and I’d already read it before. Good stuff! Sadly, I don’t think the chaplain understood or appreciated the guy’s skillful satire. No one appreciates the arts anymore. 😦

  3. Ann said

    I think prb3 put this up a while back on this site. Funny stuff! This kinda sums it up for me:

    “Your job would be made much easier if, after making the school children sit through an hour of church youth group teens dancing, singing and re-enacting Jewish magic tricks, you simply told them that it was just a small taste of what hell is like and if they didn’t believe in Jesus they would have to sit through it again.”

    My church experience summed up pretty much.

    On satire: I’ve pretty much always like the Onion kinda stuff and I was thinking about satire this morning. I was thinking maybe I don’t understand some satire because it reads like nails on a chalkboard to me and I really don’t like it. Is it appealing to some people but not me because I don’t understand? or is it because of my taste? Maybe it is like the difference between a racist making a racist joke and a non-racist saying something satirical that appears at surface level to be racist, but is actually a kind of post-modernist making fun of things ironically, a kind of seeing through stuff. If the satirist is a racist though, isn’t racist satire really just racist jokes (or like when a person nudges you and says, “Can you believe that…(insert ethnic slur)”? So I also sometimes think when I read or hear stuff, “Is this satire or is it hate?”. Kinda like the Orwellian kind of thinking, peace is war and love is hate. And then there is of course the fact that a racist person can be a non-racist in certain situations, for instance when hanging with a friend of a different ethnicity (I think that’s always kinda funny the same way non-thinkers can be funny that way).

    • Paulo said

      Hmm… satire is not for everybody. It only works if your audience “gets” that it’s satire. That’s why I hesitate to use it a lot of times…

      • Ann said

        Hmmm… I don’t know, I think it is probably understood and liked by a growing majority of people nowadays. In this culture and generation it has become very trendy. I also think it depends on who is writing and reading the satire and why they are doing it that makes it funny or not funny. Not all satire is equally funny. If a known skinhead wrote some racist satire, I’d be laughing at how crazy the skinhead is, but maybe that would not be the way he intended his satire to be funny.

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