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The Six Categories of Non-Believers

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on July 19, 2013

Found this interesting article, on CNN today, about some researchers who have categorized atheists into six different types: Behold the 6 Type of Atheists. I am a 1, 2, and 4 atheist, apparently. What type are you?


2 Responses to “The Six Categories of Non-Believers”

  1. Paulo said

    I am a 4 striving to be a 5… but the very fact that I’m still on this blog makes me a 4, and a lazy one at that since I rarely post.

  2. Jerry said

    Whatever I used to be, I’m definitely a #4 now as I tend to think of religion as an addictive drug for most and more harmful than helpful. I don’t apologize for my animosity either, and BTW, don’t expect me to “respect” someone’s religion since that is a pretty ridiculous notion in itself. I think people have the right to believe whatever nonsense they want, but they don’t have the right to impose those beliefs as law on the rest of society (Christians try to do this all the time in the USA, as do the theocratic regimes in the Middle East and other places). However, I personally support the absolute right to free thought, expression, and speech no matter how ridiculous the particulars may seem to me. I think those ideals are necessary for a civil and functional modern society.

    I do wonder if these same researchers would have the courage to assign numbered categories to the “faithful” Christians out there? I grew up with them, as did most of us on this blog, and can already think of about a dozen categories.

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