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The Racist Roots of Evangelicalism

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on June 1, 2014

jonesracistletterGreat article from Politico about the formation and motivating factors for the inception of the Religious Right. If you want to understand why your missionary parents believe what they do about abortion and state rights, you owe it to yourself to read this. Their ideas were intentionally constructed and spoon fed to them. Anytime an evangelical starts talking about abortion, remind them that evangelicals used to support it: The Real Origins of the Religious Right


One Response to “The Racist Roots of Evangelicalism”

  1. Jerry said

    This is an amazing letter, but even if one admits that it’s dated 1995, it doesn’t surprise me. Southern conservatives sometimes make these things too easy for those of us who criticize them (for instance, what human today isn’t a product of a long history of “mixed” bloodlines?). I still know some of my college buddies who praise the Lucille Ball & Andy Griffith shows as if they were sacred cultural mileposts of a time that was more pure and innocent. My guess is that their “version” of southern evangelical Christianity, which really didn’t have much time to develop (maybe late 1800s to 1950s), grew into its cultural zoot suit in those limited sociological periods, and would require far too much work, anxiety and pain for them today to try and fit into a constantly changing culture such as ours today. Again, why does Christianity insist that we are all such terrible creatures just for being human? and if true, what does that say about the great “God” in heaven?

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