Fugitives from Fundamentalism

The Musings of Adult Missionary Kids (MKs) & Former Born-Again Believers

News & Articles

“Richard Dawkins: God among atheists. The scientist talks about his guide to evolution, his own fame and why it’s pointless to argue with creationists.” Salon.com By Thomas Rogers

“Atheism: class is a distraction.” Guardian.co.uk

“Supreme Court Justice Scalia is a supremely clueless jerk.” Pharyngula

“Dinosaur Creationism Theme Park Seized by the Government.” io9.com

“The Strange Case of Francis Collins.” The Reason Project

“What Happens When a Country Gives Up Religion: as Spain Shows, Nothing Much.” The Huffington Post

“Monumental Mistake: Officials In Okla. County Should Abide By Court Ruling.”

“Liberty University Bans Democratic Party Club.”

“Former fundamentalist ‘debunks’ Bible.” CNN.com

Taibbi, Matt. “Religion, agnostics, and the cure for baldness.”

Hari, Johann. “Dear God, Stop Brainwashing Children.”

“Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom.”

“Texas is Only 6,000 Years Old!”

Coghlan, Andy. “Quantum arguments for God veer into mumbo-jumbo.”

Bloom, Paul. “Does Religion Make You Nice? Does atheism make you mean?”

Brooks, Michael. “Born believers: How your brain creates God.”

Dawkins, Richard. “Why I Am Hostile Toward Religion.”

“Young Americans Losing Their Religion.”

“Survey: Support for terror suspect torture differs among the faithful.”

Feneley, Rick. “Abortion to Blame for Fires: Pastor.” Brisbane Times.

Benen, Steve. “This Week in God: Religion Costs Counties Cash, ‘I Believe’ License Plates, and Evolution.”


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