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Subliminal Advertising

Posted by Ann on February 9, 2011

Around 3 to 4 years ago, after suffering from pretty regular insomnia due to having two small children who didn’t sleep through the night (they do now, thankfully), I began having experiences of hyper-awareness of my surroundings. These periods of insomnia were a kind of “awakening” to the world around me, similar to the experience of culture or transition shock. It was especially strange for me, a person who, as a child, learned to block out my surroundings as a coping mechanism to deal with my fundamentalist upbringing, and frequent discipline. I was a bookworm who could read a book and not hear people saying my name directly behind me.¬†This insomnia threw me for a loop. Suddenly I was noticing my surroundings more clearly, frequently all at once. Seeing signs on the roads, advertising in stores, hearing the music, smelling the scents, paying attention to the subtle cues in my surroundings. Got me thinking about how these experiences with my environment might be influencing me, and also influencing the people around me.

Although I’m sure many coincidences are purposeful, I suspect many of these coincidences (aka “God speaking to me” for believers) are simply a result of our mind and its exposure to our environment and the culture we are living within. Crazy how susceptible we are as humans to persuasion. Why I take my job as a counselor seriously (I’m not an advertiser, but I could be!). Sometimes I realize how much I can persuade people, and attempt to be as genuine, straightforward and intentional as possible with my clients (with humor).

And I’m sure this human susceptibility contributes to beliefs of all sorts. Watch this video. Personally, I for one am not surprised (at all):


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Sexism most likely culprit for lack of prominent female atheists

Posted by Ann on November 5, 2010

Just read a good article on how female atheists are out there, but are directly affected by sexism in our world cultures and underrepresented in media attention and in acclaim. What I’ve been saying all along. Men are most often perceived differently than women. As more worthy of respect. As more knowledgeable and grounded. Less manipulative and more “real” (as if!). From the article, “Where Are All the Atheist Women? Right Here” Read the rest of this entry »

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Can I Be Better Than You, Please?

Posted by Ann on September 3, 2009

Reading at Santa Clara, Panama

Reading at Santa Clara, Panama

Brandt’s post inspired me to write a little about my own experience. I think for some MKs it can be a struggle to feel superior.¬† It took me a while after I left my fundamentalist Christian family to develop a strong sense of self worth. Read the rest of this entry »

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