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The Racist Roots of Evangelicalism

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on June 1, 2014

jonesracistletterGreat article from Politico about the formation and motivating factors for the inception of the Religious Right. If you want to understand why your missionary parents believe what they do about abortion and state rights, you owe it to yourself to read this. Their ideas were intentionally constructed and spoon fed to them. Anytime an evangelical starts talking about abortion, remind them that evangelicals used to support it: The Real Origins of the Religious Right

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Evangelical Hate & Politics

Posted by Clamence/The Chaplain on July 9, 2011

“Hide it under a bushel. No! I’m going to let it shine,” goes the well-known gospel children’s song. Election season is well on its way, and this is the time when Evangelical politicians try to hide their light of hatred back under that bushel. Unfortunately for Michele Bachmann, she and her husband Marcus Bachmann (with his PhD in psychology from a mail-order university) have been letting that light shine so bright and for so long, that finding enough bushels to cover their bigotry is going to wipe out the entire gardening sections at Home Depots everywhere.

For my first example, here is an article from Mother Jones, Michele Bachmann’s Head-Banging, Gay-Bashing BFF. Remember how the FoxNews Channel tried to hang the preacher Jeremiah Wright around the neck of President Obama? Bradlee Dean is Michele Bachmann’s Jeremiah Wright. The only difference is that Michele Bachmann has been taped praying that Dean’s ministry would grow (and spread like a cancer, I presume). At the top of this article on the Huffington Post, you can see video of Bradlee Dean’s vile hate-spewing in action and hear Bachmann’s prayer for his success, Bradlee Dean Rants: Michele Bachmann-Linked Preacher’s Bigoted Tirades.

For my second example, here is an article on The Nation’s website about Marcus Bachmann’s counseling center, Bachmann & Associates: “‘God Has Created You for Heterosexuality’: Clinics Owned by Michele Bachmann’s Husband Practice Ex-Gay Therapy.” Once you read the descriptions of what goes on in this counseling center’s therapy sessions, it becomes very clear that this is not counseling at all. (Ann can back me up on this.) Counseling is a field started by the American psychologist Carl Rogers, who started a humanistic approach to therapy emphasizing empathetic, non-judgmental listening. This is the complete opposite of what occurs in Bachmann’s clinic, and it’s not surprising considering that Marcus Bachmann got his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute & University. The Wikipedia entry on this mail-order university reports:

the Union Institute’s Ph.D. program came under scrutiny by the Ohio Board of Regents in the late 1990s early 2000s, which scrutiny culminated in its 2002 Reauthorization Report. The report was critical of the Union Institute’s Ph.D. program, noting in particular that ” … expectations for student scholarship at the doctoral level were not as rigorous as is common for doctoral work … ” (OBR 2002 Reauthorization Report, page 13) The Union was put on probation. Later, the Union Graduate School was dissolved and the Ph.D. program was restructured.

Spread the word and the links folks! Don’t let Evangelicals get away with claiming their dogma and political views are good and pure. They aren’t. They’re hateful, and that’s why they try to downplay how strongly they hold to those controversial bigoted views or deny their connections to other believers who are more outspoken about their intolerant beliefs.

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